A crofter is the person who occupies and works a small landholding known as a croft. A croft is a small agricultural unit, most of which are situated in the crofting counties in the north of Scotland. Crofting is a traditional social system in Scotland defined by small-scale food production. It is characterised by its common working communities, or “townships...”. Individual crofts are typically established on 2 – 5 ha land and produce lamb, beef and vegetables.

Inspired by this, we at Crofter Café bring in the elements of the crofting community to everyone. We source ingredients as locally as possible; providing you with wholesome food while supporting local individuals and businesses. Crofter Café is a place where the community can come together; sharing life over a cup of coffee and wholesome food.


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Fresh out of the oven . These delicious cakes waiting for you in Crofter Cafe!!! 🍰

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"To me , the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions "

- Hugh Jackman -

Contact us / TEL: +6016-8389320

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Lot 18 , Datun Commercial Complex 89008 , Keningau Sabah Malaysia 

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